Historical library

The project opens a new direction on the wide popularization of achievements and discoveries of Uzbek scientists. Thus, in 2019, release of exclusive books in a convenient pocket book format will begin.

The first book will be devoted to the sensational discovery of Uzbek scientists led by E. Rtveladze – legendary Alexandria on Oxus. Scientists have proved that this historical object is a unique monument of the Hellenistic period – Alexandria on Oxus, mentioned by the ancient Greek historian and geographer Ptolemy. The bright, colorfully designed book will provide evidence of the fact that the ancient settlement of Kampyrtepa, located in the Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan, is the famous Alexandria on Oxus.

The second book will tell about one of the most mysterious, interesting and little-studied periods in the history of Uzbekistan – era of the Kushan Empire. The book entitled “Kushans: Dynasty, People, Writing” will include the results of research of scientists, amazing facts about the powerful Kushan Empire, which originated in Central Asia in the early 1st century AD, and stretched from India to the Aral Sea.