Screening of the documentary film “Alisher Navoi”

Screening of the documentary film “Alisher Navoi”

Yesterday, on February 9, in connection with the 580th anniversary of the birth of the great thinker Alisher Navoi, the first screening of the documentary film “Alisher Navoi” took place at the “Uzbekkino” National Agency.

The documentary film “Alisher Navoi” was filmed by order of the National Agency “Uzbekkino”, SUE “Studio of Documentary and Chronicle Films” in conjunction with the studio “SPECTRE”.

To the creation of the historical documentary film “Alisher Navoi” dedicated to the 580th anniversary of the birth of Alisher Navoi, the filmmakers have chosen a new approach to the personality and work of the thinker. This film is one of the 24-episodes of the film, being shot under the general title “Heart of the People”.

– It is not surprising that the film was shown on February 9 for scholars specializing on the works of Navoi. Before the project is presented to the general public, such “expertise” of specialists will serve to create a comprehensively high-quality product. Another important aspect of the documentary is that it was produced by young filmmakers. Their vision is more effective for Uzbek youth. We know that today, at the initiative of the head of our state, much attention is paid to youth. “We also entrusted young filmmakers to shoot this documentary”, said Firdavs Abdukhalikov, general director of the agency, speaking at the event.

Scriptwriter Furkat Usmanov, production director Shokhrukh Rasulov, director of photography Jakhongir Ibragimov, production designer Shahzod Mukhammadiev, second director Muattar Mirredzhabova, producer Davronkhodja Abduganiev.

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